Hike to Lost Lake

This week my mom has been in town so we've been showing her around Buena Vista. We're still pretty new here, so a lot of the places we took her were new to us as well. I wanted to do a short hike with her so I looked up some local hikes, one of which stood out the most because it seemed easy and the photos were freaking stunning. We took main street and drove toward Cottonwood Pass and stopped at the very last turnout before you get to the pass. 

The hike was a short 2.4 mile in-and-out hike that meandered up and down hills and through heavy forest before ending at Lost Lake, a beautiful alpine lake with the clearest blue water and a small island in the middle. Half of the lake was frozen over already. The water was so still it looked like glass, and the blue tones made the rocks underwater look soft and inviting.

As we made our way back toward the car, the sun was casting this insane orange light on the peaks and clouds, and peering down into the valley you could see these really beautiful blue hues as night started to take over. We timed our hike perfectly with the sunset. By the time we reached the car it was nearly totally dark. I feel so lucky to live in this beautiful place.

Did I mention this hike is only 20 minutes from our house?

Megan Kantor