Horseshoe Bend Glen Canyon Adventure Session // Arizona Wedding Photographer // Veronica & Preston

I asked Veronica & Preston when they knew it was real, and they responded by telling the story of them climbing the infamous Long's Peak in Colorado. These two aren't put off by challenge, but they seem to embrace it as an opportunity for more meaningful memories. We decided to shoot with them at Horseshoe Bend at sunrise. It may be the desert, but the morning air was quite cold. The chilly breeze forced Veronica and Preston to cling even tighter together for warmth. Despite the cold, these two were nothing but smiles.

After Horseshoe Bend, we drove to a lesser known slot canyon in the area to explore the soft sandstone walls and see the light spilling in through the narrow opening above us. As we marvelled at the canyon walls, we talked about upcoming wedding plans & told stories. We're so excited for these two to join lives.