2016 Personal Round Up

2016. What. A. Year.

Last December, we cut our very last tie when Megan graduated from UTA and we've basically been on the move ever since. Half of this year was pretty consumed with the Pacific Crest Trail, because from January to when we left in April we were hiking as much as we could in preparation. Then from mid-April to mid-July we lived out of a two person tent and backpacked from California's border with Mexico north to South Lake Tahoe, 1,092.2 miles in total. When we got home, we decided we weren't quite ready for our life of adventure to be over, so we converted our SUV into a camper and lived on the road. We launched our official Cedar & Pines business at that time and started booking shoots and driving ourselves to them. We traveled through New Mexico, Colorado, Ohio, Michigan, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Texas, and once the temperatures started falling, we decided to get a non-mobile home and started looking for apartments in Colorado. We signed a lease having never seen the place (or even been to the town) while we were visiting family in the Midwest, and it turned out to be the perfect place for us. We now live in Buena Vista, CO and our life of adventure continues as we keep pushing our limits on these icy mountain roads.

We really don't know how to sum up this year without it turning into a long and mushy explanation of how we've grown so much and whatnot. But I will say this: 2016 has been the most life-changing, awe-inspiring, challenging beyond belief year we have ever experienced. We hope for more of the same in 2017. 

Megan Kantor