our work is inspired by stories – we want to capture the reasons you feel connected to each other and the place you're saying your vows.

Adventurous wedding and elopement photographers

We are Nate and Megan Kantor, a married wedding & elopement photography team. We are first and foremost adventurers—we love climbing, hiking long distances, and are soon to hit the road full time in our 1974 Airstream Overlander. To tell you a bit why we love our job so much, I have to first tell you our story.

In July of 2016 we arrived back home to Texas after hiking 1100 miles through California on the Pacific Crest Trail. It was three months of real, full-time adventure—hiking 20+ miles a day on our own two feet, living in a tent, climbing mountains and crossing rivers, carrying everything we needed on our backs. That experience changed our lives for good. We knew after that we couldn’t just do weekend trips anymore. We wanted to LIVE for that type of adventure. So we packed up our car, built a camper in the back, and drove north to Colorado with cameras in hand and a desire to tell stories for couples like us who are undeniably in love with each other and the outdoors.

Since then, we’ve been traveling all over the Western United States capturing intimate weddings on mountaintops and adventurous elopements on desert cliffsides. We love our job because it puts us outside—we get to explore sandstone cliffs in Moab, alpine lakes in Colorado, and untamed beaches on the West Coast. All while photographing couples who love these places as much (or even more) than we do.

us as individuals


Megan Kantor

+ loves climbing crimpy granite
+ weirdly enjoys super steep hikes at altitude
+ has an art degree and an extensive collection of modern art books
+ drinks more coffee than she would like to admit
+ probably needs to brush her hair


Nate Kantor

+ loves hiking long distances
+ could probably be a professional camp food chef
+ has a background in commercial and narrative film
+ has never met a food he didn't like
+ has been dubbed "firemaster" because of his skills with campfires (even has a tattoo to prove it)


Together we have...

+ climbed Mount Whitney, Long's Peak, and several other Colorado "Fourteeners"
+ hiked the O Circuit in Patagonia
+ backpacked over 1,000 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail
+ hiked the Grand Canyon three times
+ hiked most of the John Muir Trail
+ climbed in Colorado, Texas, New Mexico, Utah, and Patagonia


+ hike the rest of the Pacific Crest Trail
+ hike the Colorado Trail (which we will be doing this summer!)
+ learn mountaineering
+ climb the Grand Teton and Mount Rainier
+ learn trad climbing
+ travel to New Zealand, Norway, Ethiopia, and South Africa


Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you based?

Currently we're based in a small town called Buena Vista in the mountains of Colorado, but are soon to be moving into our Airstream and living on the road full time! Since we have family & friends in Colorado, we will most likely be spending the bulk of our busy season in Colorado and the surrounding states, but we are open to traveling anywhere in the Western US.

What does an adventure session entail?

Adventure sessions can be anything from driving to a cool overlook, to hiking several miles to an alpine lake, or climbing a mountain. Whatever "adventure" means to you, we are open to it! The photo session itself usually lasts 1 1/2 hours. We don't charge extra for longer hikes or approaches (within reason).

Do you travel internationally? What are your rates?

Yes! We love any chance to visit a new place. This year we're headed to South America for the month of January & part of February to photograph a couple of weddings! We're happy to travel to your destination, whether that be Nepal, Switzerland, Norway, or Antarctica. Travel rates are based on the destination and include roundtrip flights for two photographers, three to four nights stay, and local means of travel (rental car, bus/train, guide).

I'm not sure where I want to get married, but I know I want it to be adventurous. Can you help me find a location?

YES. This is one of our favorite parts of our job. We spend hours exploring hidden places, scouring google maps, and doing research on amazing and secluded spots. In fact, a lot of the couples we work with don't have a spot picked out yet. Once you book with us, we're happy to share ALLLLL the location information we have with you and help you pick a spot that's perfect for your story.

How far in advance should we book you?

Because our travel schedule & pricing structure is constantly evolving, we generally don't book weddings more than 12 months out (with the exception of international destination weddings). We typically book stateside weddings anywhere from 3-12 months out. We like to leave room in our schedule for last minute elopements though, so even if you're planning to elope in the next few weeks, definitely reach out! We might have a space just for you.

What's it like to work with you as a husband & wife duo?

As a team, we shoot together on wedding days & during sessions. Megan brings the direction & Nate brings the vibes. Megan handles editing, social media, is the primary shooter, and she's usually who you'll talk to if you email. Nate does website work, handles taxes, photographs the guys, and drives us all around. Megan is the face-to-face, Nate is the brains behind the operation. We have our system dialed in, so things are pretty seamless on a wedding day.

How many photos do you usually deliver?

This varies by session & time, but weddings range anywhere from 400-800 photos and elopements range from 200-400 photos. Sessions are typically 100+. We believe in quality over quantity and we aim to deliver the best of the best photos from your wedding.

Do you offer prints & albums? do we have to print through you?

We'll deliver your photos in an online gallery where you have the option to purchase professional quality prints, announcements, and frames through one of the best print labs in the US. We also offer archival heirloom albums. Feel free to email us for specifics on albums! You don't have to print through us if you have a local lab you prefer. You're given printing rights along with your gallery.

Do you offer full-weekend coverage? 

Yes. This is something we are wanting to do more of! When we got married, our photographer was with us the whole time – he roadtripped with us from Texas to California and spent the full weekend hanging out with us and out guests. Those photos of the road trip and events with our family the day prior to the wedding are some of my favorite memories. Because we are storytellers at heart, we want to tell the full deal – before & after and in-between and all. This type of coverage works well if you're camping out with your friends the night before, or traveling to a destination with all of your family, or backpacking to a spot for your adventure elopement. We want to capture it all.

 photo by  the Hearnes

photo by the Hearnes