Cedar & Pines is a photography duo consisting of us; Nate & Megan Kantor. We love adventure & travel, and we are happy to call the little town of Buena Vista, Colorado our home. To tell you why we love photographing weddings, I have to first tell our story.

I met Nate my junior year of college in a painting class. Our easels were next to each other and he was usually the one I asked to open my bottle of liquin when the lid was jammed. During spring break of that semester Nate went to Arizona to make a short film. He missed a couple days of class because of it, and I realized I sort of missed him, which felt weird and unfamiliar, but in a way, felt right. When he got back he told me about hiking 10 miles to a remote waterfall with the two young children who acted in the film, about losing his car keys in the Grand Canyon, and about filming on a tiny budget with very little sleep. I was so intrigued and inspired by his sense of adventure.

I started tagging along on his adventures. I helped him with films, and joined him on backpacking and camping trips any chance I could. He was my excuse to get outside. I fell in love with backpacking, and then I fell in love with Nate’s work, and then I downright fell in love with him. We roadtripped and took photos and stayed up late helping each other in the studio with overdue projects. 

Nate asked me to marry him on a camping trip after climbing through a long route in a cave at midnight on New Years Eve with friends. And I said yes! We sang Auld Lang Syne as we passed around a flask of whiskey celebrating a new year and a new chapter of our lives. The following June we filled two cars with our closest friends and drove from Fort Worth, Texas to Big Sur, California to get married, stopping to camp in New Mexico and Joshua Tree along the way. In planning all of this, we wanted the wedding to represent the things that were important in our story thus far: art, community, and the outdoors. My dress was handmade by a close mentor, Nate’s groomsmen performed the music for the ceremony, and all of it was documented by our talented friend Andrew Czap. We stood atop a foggy cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean surrounded by our friends and family as we recited our vows. 

I can honestly say it was the best day of my life. I felt completely elated. The rest of the evening we ran around the beach and played in the water and ate cupcakes and hugged our families.  

We love shooting weddings because we love experiencing that feeling. Weddings are where love stories come full circle and suddenly everything means so much. All of those small things about relationships become defining points in a unique story and we love capturing that. 

So when it comes to weddings, we are all there. We want to celebrate with you, cry alongside you, and toast to the joy and importance of marriage with you. All while capturing your story in the most honest way we can.

-Megan Kantor