Adventurous Jeep Wedding in Ouray // Colorado Adventure Wedding Photographer // Dylan & John

We've been looking forward to this wedding all summer. Dylan & John decided to forego the traditional wedding venue and opted for an adventurous wedding tucked away, deep into the Uncompahgre National Forest outside of Ouray, Colorado. They bused their guests up in these big tour jeeps and afterward, bused everyone back down to their reception at the Divide Ranch Golf Club in Ridgway, CO. 

I am all about having your wedding in a national forest (that's what Nate and I did). Often times you just pay a fee of around $150 for a permit (or sometimes its free), you get much prettier views, and there are far fewer rules than a traditional venue. Dylan & John are two who couldn't care less about the traditions. They are purely themselves, they are adventurous souls who thrive on exploring new places and traveling to the lesser known parts of the world. After the wedding, they took off for their honeymoon in Thailand. I was pretty jealous of all of Dylan's photos of playing with elephants and cuddling tigers. 

The wedding was absolutely stunning. There's a reason they call Ouray the Switzerland of America. After a bumpy ride through the tall trees over huge rocks and boulders, we arrived at a clearing in the trees. They held their ceremony in a big green meadow with views of the surrounding mountains. Though everyone else was wary of the threat of storms, I couldn't have been happier about the overcast skies, casting soft, flattering light onto everything in sight. The ceremony was as emotional as it was adventurous, and all of the emotions seemed to sit deeper because of the awe-inspiring views surrounding the couple as they made forever promises to each other.

We rode down from the ceremony with Dylan & John in their Jeep and arrived at their laid-back reception. Toasts were made, dances were danced, and it was one of the most beautiful sunsets I've experienced. 

Awesome vendors who helped out:

Ceremony Venue: Uncompahgre National Forest
Reception Venue: Divide Ranch Golf Club
Hair: Salon Monti
Makeup: Perfect Touch
Catering: Pinecone Catering
Bridal Boutique: Annelise Bridal
Flowers: Willowcreek Floral
Cupcakes: Sweet Spot Cakes
DJ: Devin Reed