Cassandra + Brandon. Married.

There is so much I could say about these two. But I think the one thing that stood out the most to us about their wedding was just how much fierce love their families expressed toward them. Their day was not just about the two of them joining forces, but about two families coming together as well. 

Cassandra & Brandon spoke their vows in Cassandra's family's home in Carbondale, CO. The ceremony was intimate, and Nate and I had to take our shoes off to avoid making too much noise as we walked around capturing photos. Each word expressed seemed to carry so much weight, partially because the ceremony was beautifully liturgical, and partially because of the completely humbling view of Mt Sopris in the background. It was evident that a lot of intention went into planning each small detail, all of it contributing to an overall feeling of warmth and support.

I think there's something beautiful and significant about having a wedding in your family's home, a place that encompasses so much warmth and love already. Cassandra's mom prepared an amazing meal for everyone, and we were honored to be welcomed at the table with the family. These two were sent into marriage with such an incredible support group around them. We just felt extremely thankful to be there and pay witness to it all. 

And just because it was a small wedding does not mean they didn't party. Cassandra & Brandon's families danced like there was no tomorrow, and we happily joined in as well for a few songs. I so appreciate people who understand the good things in life: cake, wine, and dancing.

Congratulations Brandon & Cassandra, and thank you for welcoming us into your family for a day.

Megan Kantor