Danielle & Tyler // Pedernales Falls Engagements

Living in Colorado & being surrounded by mountain views all the time makes me assume that Texas doesn't have much to offer. I have never been more wrong. Pedernales Falls, just outside of Austin, TX, is hands down one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen (and I've seen a lot of places). The way the clear blue water has carved through the limestone and created undulating curves and pools and sandy beaches is simply mind boggling. We explored the rock & dipped our hands in the water with Danielle & Tyler while we shot their engagement photos.

The landscape couldn't have been a better fit for these two, whose hearts lie in Colorado, but life's circumstances & jobs have brought them to Houston, TX instead. We got to experience a hidden gem of Texas landscape with them while we talked about all of our adventures in Colorado & elsewhere. These two might be even more adventurous than Nate & I. They recently got back from a trip to Norway, where they backpacked with a group of their friends. And for they're honeymoon they're making the trek to Everest Base Camp, which I'm burning with jealousy over. These two are a real inspiration for us.

Megan Kantor