Grand Canyon National Park Engagements // Adventure Wedding Photographer // Marta & Mark

One of my favorite places in the entire world is the Grand Canyon. This session is especially close to my heart because we got to share a place that's so inspiring to us with another couple. The Grand Canyon is nothing short of breathtaking (literally, every time I see it I gasp). We met Marta & Mark at the famous "We Cook Pizza" just outside the park after a week of backpacking down into the canyon and back up. Marta is a geologist and during the session, she told us all about the story of how the canyon was formed. I was sorta geeking out as she was telling us about each different layer. She told us about how parts of it are basically petrified sand dunes, parts of it were underwater at some point, and all of it is slowly being eroded by the Colorado River. It was so fascinating.

I love capturing the real stuff--the awkward laughing, inside jokes, and the way couples naturally fall into each other--without the poses and direction we typically give. These two were candid & honest with us. Going from sweet cuddling to making fun of each other all within the same breath, which felt so real. These two are fun, and sweet, and silly, and weird, all wrapped up into one. Basically, my favorite kind of people. We are so excited for their wedding next summer.