Lauren + Walt. Engaged.

Normally we drive a ways to meet people for shoots since we live pretty far from Denver, but Lauren & Walt wanted to do something in the mountains. So we took them to explore our backyard in Buena Vista and went up to Cottonwood Lake. We hiked up an unmarked road trying to find a mine, but instead we found a great view and I don't think any of us were disappointed. 

Later we went down to Cottonwood Lake which was completely frozen over and covered in a few inches of snow. Lauren & Walt played with their dog, Olive, who went crazy over the snow. As the sun fell behind the mountains, the temperatures dropped and we found some sweet moments as Lauren & Walt attempted to keep each other warm.

We ended the evening at our favorite place in town, Deerhammer, which distills the most delicious whiskey and gin. The perfect way to warm ourselves up after a chilly afternoon in the mountains.

Megan Kantor