Nancy & Tho // Colorado Winter Traditional Wedding

What a privilege it is that we get to walk into such intimate places in people's lives, be welcomed as family, & get to capture it all from our perspective. We were reminded of what a unique & valuable role we play last weekend at Nancy & Tho's wedding. 

Nancy & Tho intricately wove Vietnamese tradition and Lao tradition, while putting in their own taste of American tradition as well. Three different ceremonies, three locations, and one insane unexpected snow storm that didn't let up the whole day. To say it was complicated would be an understatement. However, in spite of all the tradition, outfit changes, and icy roads, Nancy & Tho's unique & intimate connection to each other was not overshadowed. When we finally got time for some portraits with the couple, we took them into a back room of the venue & immediately they melted into each other's arms, embracing everything they had just committed to. 

This wedding made me deeply realize the role that family & friends play in a marriage. My favorite part of the day was the tea ceremony in the morning where Nancy & Tho paid respect to each of their important family members & asked for their blessing in return. Their family members gave them encouragement & words of advice. And despite the multiple language barriers, their families seemed to blend seamlessly together, united by their support for Nancy & Tho.

Nancy & Tho, congrats. You two are an incredible pair.


Just want to give a HUGE shoutout to Andrew Nease & his wife who are an amazing video team. I can't wait to see the story they tell.
Also, a couple other vendors who did an amazing job:
Venue: The Pace Center
Hair & Makeup: Mikayla & Betsy of the Glam Concierge
DJ: Mike Anderson
Dress: Kenneth Winston from The Bridal Loft
Catering: Colorado Catering Company
Cake: The Market at Larimer

Also Nancy asked if I would give a shout out to a few special people who did a ton of work to make this wedding awesome.
Aunt Mimi & Aunt Anna who did an incredible job on the kids hair.
Tee & Tou Soukhaseum who made some amazing floral arrangements & decorations.
Hank & Veronica Martinez for putting together the groomsmen outfits.
Anna Soukhaseum (maid of honor) & all the bridesmaids.
James Woodard who helped with carpooling.
John & Darol Aguda who helped move furniture.
And of course the lovely groomsmen who helped out with all of the gift trays.



Megan Kantor