Ryan + Nikki.

If there's one word to describe our shoot with Ryan + Nikki, its magic. Never have I felt such strong emotions during a shoot before. Maybe its because Ryan + Nikki are good friends of ours and to see them entering a phase of life that is likely in our future really hit home. I kept getting teary when I was taking portraits of Nikki. It all felt very real and beautiful and I want to say poignant, but I'm not sure that's the right word. It was... magic.

We shot at two locations, and I think when I post these in our main portfolio I might show the two locations side by side, the warmth of the indoors with the vast landscape outdoors. But for now, I'll keep them separate. I keep saying every shoot is my favorite, but I really feel like this one might actually be it.

And now prepare for a tear fest:

Ryan + Nikki, congratulations on the little one. You guys are two of the best people we know. Thank you for encouraging us and believing in us, and for representing the type of people we strive to be. You're going to be amazing parents.

Megan KantorComment