Snowy Session with the Modern Caravan


There is so much to admire about these women. Kate and Ellen (and their daughter Adelaide) are the women behind The Modern Caravan, a custom Airstream renovation and design duo. We’ve been following their work since before we started on our own Airstream renovation and have found endless inspiration in their craftsmanship and eye for design.

When we found out they’d be in Colorado for a bit doing a client renovation, we messaged them on Instagram to see if it was possible to meet up for drinks and maybe learn a bit from their experience. They responded saying they would love to, and that they could use some new photos in return (to which we were stoked on). We drove our Airstream out to Silverton, Colorado and ate lunch with Kate and Ellen while discussing Airstream details. They toured ours (well before it had any kind of furniture inside) and gave us some much-needed advice on how to take on some of the bigger projects we were nervous about.

After lunch, we drove up the mountain as it started to snow. The snow was wet and heavy and coming down fast! We only made it about halfway to where we were planning to shoot when we decided to stop because the road conditions were getting bad. We pulled the car over and got out to walk into the trees. We threw snowballs and Kate and Ellen snuggled under the falling snow. We only shot for about a half hour because none of us were prepared for how cold it was, but those 30 minutes were full of life and the most candid love between the three.

Because there are beautiful people with important stories—that’s why we love photography.

Wanna see more of their amazing Airstream work? Follow them on instagram or check out their website.

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