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Intimate Wedding in Sedona with a Sunrise Day-After Session

We headed out up a cliff before dawn with headlamps guiding our hands and feet as we pulled ourselves up a steep slickrock trail. The day prior to this we were dancing and celebrating and eating cake as Tiffany and Nathaniel had just said “I do”. Their whole wedding weekend was wildly romantic. There’s something quite lovely about a stringlit dinner with all of your closest friends while the sandstone cliffs in the distance glow in the moonlight.

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Backcountry Cabin Intimate Session

The longer Nate and I pursue adventure weddings & elopements, the more that we see this trend of super epic photos in crazy epic places. Dresses flowing in the wind, sunsets on 1000 foot cliffsides, tiny couples on a huge mountain. Which is awesome, because as a self-proclaimed adventurous couple, we love going to those places and taking those types of photos (heck we have that stuff plastered all over our website). But often times I think there's something lost in the "bigness" of it all.

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