Thrive Modern

This weekend I attended a photography workshop in Tulsa, OK. Why Tulsa, you might ask? Well, sometimes the photography industry seems a little out of reach for me. I've always been a bit hesitant at going to photo workshops afraid it wouldn't be helpful/that I'd be way too intimidated to actually feel comfortable (LOL). But when I heard one of my favorite photographers, Melissa Marshall, was hosting a small photo workshop with Abby Roses open to 10 female photographers, that seemed so much less intimidating to me than these huge workshops with hundreds of people in attendance. So I quickly sent in an application and to my surprise I got in! 

I'd been stoked for weeks leading up to it and I knew it would be fun, but I had no clue it would be this great. Not only was I challenged and inspired in my photography, but I feel like my actual soul was nourished. I left feeling refreshed and filled with confidence. We talked about our insecurities and encouraged each other. It was only a weekend, but I feel like I was given inspiration to last a good long time. The women I met there were some of the most humble, talented, and inspiring women I've had the chance to be around and I can't be more thankful for their open hearts.

Melissa and Abby set up a styled shoot for us and let us each have a turn directing the couple, which seemed like a lot of pressure at first, but it was actually really cool to see how other people pose/direct a couple. We worked with such a rad couple too. Not only were they seriously unfairly attractive, they were also super in love and so easy going. I took the opportunity to try some things I wouldn't normally do in a couples shoot and worked on composing within a more urban landscape.

Also Melissa let me try out her tilt-shift lens which was super fun.

This weekend was so much more than a photography workshop. I left feeling challenged to live my life as a whole in a more intentional way. Thanks Melissa & Abby for making me feel like a badass girl boss and challenging me to take that back with me to Colorado. 

Quick shout out to some rad folks who donated their time/products/skills to make this weekend as awesome as it was:
Video: Ethnos Creative
Florals: Ever Something
Personal Chef: Olivia Lee
Opening Speaker: Katie Selvidge
Branding: Hannah Ashford
Models: Wes & Amy Gillett
Makeup: Chelsey Ann 
Hair: Ali Earnheart
Dress: Sarah Seven
Jewelry: Moorea Seal

Also check out these talented women who I got to hang out with all weekend:
Bailey Teague
Cambria Shelley
Caroline Elizabeth
Hope Helmer
Jordan Daniel
Rachel Waters
Shannon Robbins
Tricia Miller


Annnnnd here's some fun random photos of the epic sunset as I was flying home:

Megan Kantor