2018 Travel

January - 4-31st Patagonia, Chile

March - 22-26th Zion National Park, UT

April - 14-21st Austin & Dallas, TX // Colorado

May - 17-20th Austin, TX // Colorado

June - Colorado

Mid-July to Mid-August - Colorado Trail

August - 11-15th Telluride, CO // 22-26th South Lake Tahoe, CA

September - 1-3rd Prescott, AZ // 13-16th Portland, ME // Colorado


Traveling is a big part of our story and we thrive off of exploring new places. We are not afraid of going into the unknown or roughing it for a while. We've lived in lots of places, including a tent for three months when we section hiked on the Pacific Crest Trail, and a car/camper we lived out of before we finally settled into a little town in the mountains of Colorado. 

If your wedding or couples shoot is in a faraway land, don't hesitate to reach out. Our travel fees are minimal and our passports are up to date. We know how to travel efficiently and cheaply and we don't mind crashing on a relative's couch or camping in the backyard. 

Our travel schedule includes a few places we're going this year. The schedule doesn't show all of our Colorado dates, because its where we live and spend most of our time. Weddings within the state of Colorado do not incur travel fees. If your wedding or couples shoot coincides with our travel schedule, travel fees are reduced. Also, we're planning a trip to Patagonia this winter for personal travel. If you're located in Southern Chile/Argentina or want to meet us there, we would love to shoot with you.

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a few places we went in 2017

February - Horseshoe Bend, AZ

March - Austin, TX // Tulsa, OK

April - Aspen, CO

May -  Mount Evans, CO // Fort Worth, TX

June - Laramie, WY // Telluride, CO

July - Arlington, WA // Ouray, CO

August - Rocky Mountain National Park // Sapphire Point

September - Banff National Park, Alberta Canada

October - Moab, UT

November - Grand Canyon National Park // Horseshoe Bend

December - Zion National Park