Zach + Deborah. Married.

To tell this story right, we have to tell another one first. 

It all started on a cold winter night at Enchanted Rock State Park during our 6th annual New Years Eve camping trip. It's always a special time, but this year was particularly significant. First of all, it was the night I proposed to Megan, and second, it was the night Zach and Deborah met each other for the very first time. 

Cute, right? Well, not exactly. Unless you find the faint sound of a home-brewed beer hurled in the woods attractive. Let's just say that Zach didn't make a great first impression that night, so likewise, we were a little surprised to see them start dating not too long afterward.

Don't know what exactly Zach did to recover from that infamous night, but I'm so glad he did. Because sober, Zach and Deborah are an incredible pair. 

Cheers to old friends falling in love one by one.


Quick shout out to some awesome folks who made this wedding happen:

Video: Dave and a Camera
Venue: The Union on Eighth
DJ: David Miranda
Catering: J&J Barbeque
Flowers: Esther Newell -
Lettering/Invites/Handouts: Bright & Clean
Coordinating: Takasha Smith -