Sammie + Brooke. Engaged.

I wish I could find a way to explain how I feel about this session, but I can't and I guess that's why I'm a photographer and not a writer. Sammie & Brooke are very literally building a life together and its humbling and beautiful to see. They just bought a plot of land near Lake Travis in Austin, TX and will begin building a home on it in the coming months, so for their engagements we started off taking photos by the lake and ended the evening on their plot of land. We explored the overgrown lot while Sammie explained what the structure of the house would be by pretending to walk through its various "rooms".

Nate and I have known Sammie & Brooke for some time. I was an RA with Brooke back in college and I used to hear Sammie playing on campus at various events. Sammie proposed through a song she wrote for Brooke, and when I heard the song I got a little teary and secretly wished that they would ask us to shoot their wedding. Well, a few days later an email came into our inbox from Sammie asking if we were available for their wedding in Telluride, CO. 

I could probably come up with better words to say it, but I'll just say this: Its just really freaking cool to see two people living life with such purpose and drive. These two are actively pursuing what they love and it is so inspiring.

In fact, Sammie is on this season of NBC's The Voice. Her blind audition was aired on Monday and she KILLED it. You can watch it here. I've been a total fangirl all week and have watched her audition video about a million times over and the song has been stuck in my head all week.

Sammie & Brooke, congratulations. We cannot wait for your wedding.

Megan Kantor