Jeremy + Charleigh. Engaged.

Troopers, I tell you.

I think the high was 28 degrees (and windy). We each had hand warmers stuffed into all of our pockets.

These two have such a special story. Jeremy moved to Denver a few months ago to start a new job and Charleigh lives in Dallas, so our shoot together was especially sweet, knowing their time spent together was precious. I don't think any couple we've shot has been anticipating marriage more than these two, when they will finally join forces and get to share a home and life in Denver. 

Charleigh and Jeremy hadn't been to Rocky Mountain National Park before, and we hadn't seen it in the winter yet, so we were all freaking out at how beautiful it was. And of course when we saw elk on the side of the road we had to pull over and take some photos. 

I can't wait for their wedding in Aspen when all of it will come full circle and these two will celebrate in the same place they first fell in love.


Also, Charleigh asked if she could take some photos of us and check out this one she got capturing us in all of our glory:

Megan Kantor