Jamie + Jake. Married.

If there is one word to describe this wedding it is FUN. There wasn't a dull moment the whole day. Everyone was laughing, making jokes, eating pizza, and let's just say we weren't the only ones taking "shots" ;)

It takes some seriously dedicated people to have a wedding outdoors in 20 degree weather while a snowstorm is blowing through. These are my favorite kind of people.

Jamie & Jake are some of the most fun-loving people we've had the chance to photograph. These two exude positivity, and even when the weather kept getting heavier and colder throughout the day, they didn't seem phased. Jamie herself is such a badass for not only wearing that dress as though it was 80 degrees outside, but also snowboarding down the mountain in it. 

All in all, it was a lot of laughs, big hugs, inside jokes, good drinks, and a lot of warmth despite the snow piling up on everyone's heads.

Megan Kantor