Dead Horse Point Engagements // Moab Wedding Photographer // Alexandra & Kory

The sunsets in Moab are otherworldly. We met Alex & Kory over Facetime and when we found out they were from Utah, we suggested shooting their engagements in Southern Utah because we were going there to do some backpacking. We scouted a few locations near Moab, but ultimately settled on Dead Horse Point State Park because it took my breath away from the getgo. I do not say this lightly, but it might be one of the best views I've ever seen (and I've seen a lot of views). I texted Alex the day before the shoot about how stoked I was to shoot there.

These two kept talking about how they aren't mushy at all, but I think these photos say otherwise. I'll let Alex tell their engagement story from her perspective:

Kory proposed over Memorial Day Weekend. We were camping in Utah and wanted to go on a hike. While hiking up to Silver Lake in American Fork Canyon, we came across a girl that told us to keep an eye out for some moose up ahead. (BTW - Moose are my FAVORITE animal!) I remember telling Kory, if I see a moose on this trail, I will die and go to heaven and we don't even have to hike all the way to the lake! Sure enough, 5 minutes up the trail and there was our moose! I saw a nice rock that we could climb up on to get a better view without getting too close. So we climbed up, took a couple pictures, and off on my way I started to go. But then Kory pulled me back into place, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! After a couple "Are you serious?" "Is this really happening?" moments, I said yes, and away on our hike we went! 

These two are a perfectly complementary pair. Kory is sentimental and genuine, Alex is honest and lighthearted, and the two of them together makes for a lot of laughing and an overwhelming sense of gratitude that they found each other.

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