Javan + Marlene. Married.

What an honor to capture this story. If there was ever a wedding filled with more authenticity and deep love, this is it. Marlene and Javan had an intimate backyard ceremony at a vacation house in Breckenridge, Colorado. The whole thing was planned in less than two weeks, as the two got engaged and decided to get married before Javan went off to school in California for the fall. The guests were immediate family and a few friends who made the long trek from El Paso, TX and Michigan to celebrate and honor them. 

Nate and I fell in love with these two, maybe because they remind us a little of ourselves. They are adventurous, carefree, and also share a deep love for Jesus. We felt like guests at their wedding because immediately the two felt like friends we've known for a long time.

More to come.

Megan Kantor