Krista + Dustin. Married.

Krista & Dustin got married in Gold Hill, Colorado. The town sits northwest of Boulder and the entire town consists of one main dirt road, an inn, a pub, and several farm houses. Dustin's family owns a beautiful plot of land there that overlooks the front range. Their ceremony was one of the most authentic and charming ceremonies we've had the chance to witness. A few family members and friends recited poems and gave words of encouragement and Krista & Dustin wrote their own vows, which had everyone in tears. They had their first kiss and their first dance on top of the mountain. We snapped some shots of them before we headed down to the town for a few cocktails and kisses from their dog Juniper.

They had their reception in the historic Gold Hill Inn, a log cabin built in the 60s. We celebrated with wine and lots of champagne toasts. Plus a few rounds of Tina Turner's "Rollin' on a River" ;)

Congratulations Krista & Dustin.

Megan Kantor