Jolee + Austin. Married.

Jolee & Austin are dear friends of ours, and to be the ones to capture their love and commitment to each other was a huge honor. I've known Jolee since 7th grade when our biggest problems were whether or not we'd started shaving our legs, and now here we are, both of us married to two amazing people. Earlier this year when we were away backpacking, Jolee texted me a photo of a ring. I knew exactly what that meant and I got so excited. Jolee & Austin helped us out a ton when we were packing up our things to get on the trail and I knew then how perfectly matched they are. They're both incredibly selfless, and are a power team together. 

To see them celebrated and honored by their friends and families was perfect. Jolee & Austin had us all in tears as they professed their handwritten vows to each other, mentioning all the things that make them uniquely drawn to each other. Harry Potter, cooking, and ultimately the way they each represent different aspects of Christ in ways the other needs. 

There's a lot more I could say about Jolee & Austin, but for now I'll leave the photos to speak for themselves. I can't wait to finish up this collection.

Jolee & Austin, we love you guys so much.

Megan Kantor