Fitz Roy Adventure Session // Patagonia Elopement Photographer

El Chaltén, Argentina

Our trip to Patagonia was refreshing in so many ways. The jaw-dropping views, the time away from home & work, getting to experience a completely different culture. But one of the most inspiring things for us was getting to spend time with friends in a place that all of us have dreamed about for years. During the trip we all swapped photos of each other and in the three days that we backpacked at the base of Fitz Roy, we got to capture Abbi & Callen from a much more real perspective—dirty hair, tired muscles, and all.

While we were in Patagonia we spent a lot of time thinking about what makes us unique and what we love about the type of photography we do, and I realized that the thing I love most about our job is getting to capture stories of real adventurers. I feel so creatively inspired when we get to shoot with a couple who has a deep connection to the place we’re shooting in. Part of it is the fact that Nate and I fell in love with each other over backpacking trips, so we relate really well with couples who have similar experiences in the outdoors. It reminds us of the connection we feel to these wild places. 

Abbi & Callen are two people whose normal everyday life could be described as an adventure. They live on the road in their van full-time, camping in different places almost every night and never hesitating to explore a new dirt road or climb a new tower or heckin' jump out of an airplane. They are “dirtbags” at their very core and their stoke for exploring wild spaces is inspiring and contagious. Getting to capture their love for each other and a place they’ve dreamed of was a huge treat for us and reminder for us that these are the stories that deserve to be captured and shared with the world.

Abbi & Callen, I hope that you never quit being true to your weird, thrill-seeking, stoked-on-life selves. 

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