Snowy Colorado Engagements // Aspen Wedding Photographer

We drove over Independence Pass on last day it was open before closing for the winter. We woke up before the sun in order to give ourselves plenty of time to make it to Aspen before the incoming snowstorm might prevent us from getting over the windy mountain road. Kaitlin & Eason were in town for the weekend and wanted some photos to announce their engagement to their friends and family, so we met them in one of our favorite places to explore and take photos.

The snow fell slowly, clouding the sun so the light was soft and beautiful. Kaitlin & Eason held tight to keep warm against the gentle breeze. They said that on a normal day exploring in a new place, they liked to set up their hammock and take in the views. They cuddled up in their hammock while the snow fell gently around them. 

There's something about the first few snowfalls of the season that feels extra magical. The changing of seasons, a feeling of anticipation, and a general slowing down and thinking of the year ahead. Which seems like a metaphor for what it feels like to be engaged. To be waiting in anticipation and planning for what's to come. 

Cedar & Pines is an adventure wedding photography duo made up of Nate and Megan Kantor, a married couple based in the mountains of Colorado. They believe in honest wedding photography, capturing the small candid moments to the epic landscape views. They love photographing intimate weddings and adventure elopements from the mountains of Colorado to destination weddings in California, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, Wyoming, Washington and the ends of the earth.

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