El Chaltén Adventure Session


When I think back on our time in Patagonia, I keep coming back to this one memory. When we drove into El Chaltén from El Calafate, Argentina we could see a series of rugged hills & mountains ahead, but we couldn't see the Fitz range as it was hidden behind clouds. That day we got glimpses here and there of Poincenot (the spire next to Fitz) peeking out from the clouds, and it was unbelievably huge. It was hard to believe there was a larger peak than that. The next day, the clouds cleared and we got our first view of the Fitz Roy. I've never seen a mountain that demands so much attention & respect. It literally took my breath away.

Our time in El Chaltén was sweet. It seemed kismet that we and two other photographer couples we knew were going to be in the same small town around the same dates, so we split an Airbnb cabin and spent a few days together. The day we finally saw Fitz, Anni, Abbi, & I ran to the store, grabbed a bottle of wine, and drove out to a field with a wide open view of Fitz. We spent a few hours exchanging stories and passing our bottle of wine around. After realizing how long we'd been soaking in the view, we decided our boys needed to see it too.

And of course, being photographers, we all took turns taking photos of each other. You can see our photos of Abbi & Callen here too.

What I love most about photographing couples is getting to see what makes them light up. Sometimes its less about how the two act towards each other, and more about how they act collectively, in response to their surroundings. We photographed Anni & Rich in a place that inspires their nomadic lifetsyle. It was inspiring to be around two people who live for rich experiences like these. 

We cannot WAIT for this coming January. We'll be returning to Argentina & Patagonia for a beautiful wedding with two incredible adventurers, and who knows? Maybe this time we'll hop on a boat to Antarctica too!

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