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Adventurous Colorado Mountain Engagements

Colorado is wild. Its weather is unpredictable, its mountains are inspiring, and in the spring it shows off that untamed beauty all at once with windy storms and swollen rivers and snow that seems like it came from nowhere. When it comes to the weather, there are two types of people--those who are reasonably cautious and stay indoors when there are storms, and those who strap on their boots, grab their skis, and head up the mountains. Marisa and John are definitely the latter. 

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Intimate Engagement Photos in Austin Texas

There is something simple and profound about the way these two love. 

There's no denying that Nate and I love landscapes--epic sunsets, elopements in the desert, adventurous weddings on a mountain--all of these things sort of define our work to a degree. While we love shooting those things, lately there's part of us that craves the subtleties of understated moments.

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Snowy Colorado Engagements // Aspen Wedding Photographer

We drove over Independence Pass on last day it was open before closing for the winter. We woke up before the sun in order to give ourselves plenty of time to make it to Aspen before the incoming snowstorm might prevent us from getting over the windy mountain road. Kaitlin & Eason were in town for the weekend and wanted some photos to announce their engagement to their friends and family, so we met them in one of our favorite places to explore and take photos.

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