Adventurous Colorado Mountain Engagements

Its people like Marisa & John that remind me why we moved to Colorado. Their love of adventure and stoke for the mountains is so high and incredibly contagious. They live for the snow season, when they can split board down fourteeners, and for peak snowmelt when they can paddleboard the Arkansas River. And yet in all of that excitement and skill in their sports, they are down to earth and their love for each other has much more subtle & intimate undertones. 

We took Marisa & John as far as we could go up Independence Pass before the road closure and stopped to take photos on a scree hill overlooking the Roaring Fork River. As we were taking photos, John was pointing out the mountains in the distance and naming the routes to climb them. In true Colorado fashion, we started with blue skies and ended with a heavy snowstorm, which seemed fitting for Marisa & John's adventurous story together.

Colorado is wild. Its weather is unpredictable, its mountains are inspiring, and in the spring it shows off that untamed beauty all at once with windy storms and swollen rivers and snow that seems like it came from nowhere. When it comes to the weather, there are two types of people--those who are reasonably cautious and stay indoors when there are storms, and those who strap on their boots, grab their skis, and head up the mountains. Marisa and John are definitely the latter. 

This spring has been full of snowy sessions and unpredictable weather. Read about this wedding that ended with a full-on blizzard!

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