Intimate and Snowy Colorado Wedding

The transition from winter to spring in Colorado is never easy to predict. Winter seems to hold on fiercely as long as it can, turning a sunny day in April into a wet and snowy blizzard in a matter of hours. There's energy to these springtime snowstorms, different from the quiet of winter. Like the earth waking up, shaking itself out, and transitioning to a new day. 

Emma & David's wedding at Blackstone Rivers Ranch represented the transition into spring all the same--trees beginning to bud, the creek running through the property starting to melt, warm string lights being turned on at the beginning of wedding season. Emma & David seemed relaxed, yet excited, and filled to the brim with all the emotion that comes with a day as important as their wedding. We watched from corners of bedrooms and the middle of pine forests, capturing photos as these two experienced the fullness of joy, passion, and gratitude as they entered into a new life together.

After the cake was eaten and the last dance danced, we escaped with Emma & David and drove up the mountain to an overlook for portraits. During our short time on the mountain, we watched a snow storm blow in faster than we could have predicted. The faint clouds in the distance encircled us in a matter of minutes and we ran up and down the road as we tried to stay warm. While the storm blew around them, Emma & David seemed too filled with stoke to be bothered by the snow, running and dancing and embracing in the midst of a near white out.

The kind of love that we all hope for--one that keeps us dancing in the middle of a storm.

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Cedar & Pines is an adventure wedding photography duo made up of Nate and Megan Kantor, a married couple based in the mountains of Colorado. They believe in honest wedding photography, capturing the small candid moments to the epic landscape views. They love photographing intimate weddings and adventure elopements from the mountains of Colorado to destination weddings in California, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, Wyoming, Washington, Patagonia and the ends of the earth.