Hiking Engagements in Zion National Park

We met Hannah & Collin two over a plate of Pad Thai after a week of backpacking and climbing all over Zion National Park. They found out we were going to be in Zion near the same time they were planning their trip to visit all five of Utah's National Parks, so we stayed an extra day to take some engagement photos with them. Over dinner, we nearly spat rice noodles out our noses from laughing so much at all of Hannah & Collin's stories and jokes. These two can't stop smiling when they're together and the joy they bring to each other's lives is so apparent (and SO entertaining to watch).

I love that this session feels so much like we're all just on a hike together. It all seemed so natural and candid. We basically spent an hour and a half exploring the cliffsides, enjoying the views, and exchanging stories. Hannah is a travel nurse, so her time with Collin is always brief. Getting to see the two adventure together during their limited shared time was super sweet. By the end of it, I had mascara under my eyes from laughing so hard that I shed tears.

The best part: when we got back to our cars after the hike, they left us with some of their favorite roast from their local coffee shop. One thing nurses and photographers have in common: a severe and untreatable addiction to coffee. 

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