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Hiking Engagements in Zion National Park

We met Hannah & Collin two over a plate of Pad Thai after a week of backpacking and climbing all over Zion National Park. They found out we were going to be in Zion near the same time they were planning their trip to visit all five of Utah's National Parks, so we stayed an extra day to take some engagement photos with them. Over dinner, we nearly spat rice noodles out our noses from laughing so much at all of Hannah & Collin's stories and jokes. These two can't stop smiling when they're together and the joy they bring to each other's lives is so apparent (and SO entertaining to watch).

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How to Have an Amazing Wedding Without a Venue

Most of the weddings that we're part of don't happen at traditional venues. Typically we're photographing couples getting married in National Parks, on public land, at vacation rentals, and in their friend's backyard. You don't have to have a wedding at a multi-thousand dollar venue to have an inspiring wedding day, and in fact, I think the more stunning places tend to be the ones that are free of buildings and rules and a wait staff. 

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