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Colorado Mountaintop Anniversary Session

When Heather & Emerson reached out to us for their anniversary session, I asked what they were hoping the day would look like. She described wanting to maybe do a hike and read letters to each other somewhere along the way. I sent a few location options, and the one they decided on was probably the most difficult option. They knew full-well what they were getting into--hiking several miles up to a summit almost 12,000ft above sea level. 

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Intimate and Snowy Colorado Wedding

Emma & David's intimate wedding at Blackstone Rivers Ranch represented the transition into spring all the same--trees beginning to bud, the creek running through the property starting to melt, warm string lights being turned on at the beginning of wedding season. Emma & David seemed relaxed, yet excited, and filled to the brim with all the emotion that comes with a day as important as their wedding. We watched from corners of bedrooms and the middle of pine forests, capturing photos as these two experienced the fullness of joy, passion, and gratitude as they entered into a new life together.

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How to Have an Amazing Wedding Without a Venue

Most of the weddings that we're part of don't happen at traditional venues. Typically we're photographing couples getting married in National Parks, on public land, at vacation rentals, and in their friend's backyard. You don't have to have a wedding at a multi-thousand dollar venue to have an inspiring wedding day, and in fact, I think the more stunning places tend to be the ones that are free of buildings and rules and a wait staff. 

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