Shannon + Steffan. Engaged.

I wish there were words to sum up all that this session was.

Shannon & Steffan reached out to us through Instagram to see if we'd be interested in traveling to Page, AZ for their engagement shoot, and I told them that we just so happened to be going there in a week to backpack the Grand Canyon. So they changed their plans, got off work, and bought last minute flights from Texas to meet us there. Rain threatened our plans to hike through a slot canyon, but luckily it held out so we could hike without the risk of flash floods.

For Nate and me, this was an unexpectedly emotional shoot. Shannon & Steffan reminded us so much of ourselves and how we felt in the months leading up to our marriage. We meandered through the canyon, stopping to talk about wedding details and hear the two of them express some of the sweetest words of encouragement to each other.

The reality, and what I love most about shooting weddings and couples, is that love is not all fluttery feelings and smiles. The beauty of marriage is not that two people are choosing to overlook each other's shortcomings, but that two people are choosing to love each other through their shortcomings. Its messy, and its not by any means easy. But its powerful and good, and seeing these two work through their fears, pray for each other, and shed a few tears together was so encouraging to Nate and me.

It wasn't all so serious either, these two danced and laughed a ton. They're playful and fun and totally in tune with each other. 

We got back to our cars as it was getting dark and found coupons for a free meal at a local Mexican restaurant on our windshields, so naturally we went. Margaritas and free fajitas=probably the only proper way to end a photo shoot.