Teegan + Hadley. Engaged.

It tends to be the case that we make most of our clients hike a decent distance for our shoot with them. This one followed that trend also. Before I met with Teegan & Hadley I drove around Horsetooth Reservoir in Fort Collins and saw a trail going up a hill that looked like it might have a good view of the lake at the top. I didn't have time to hike it myself though, and I figured we could try it. We met and drove to the location together. Turns out the trail was a bit steeper and rockier than I had imagined (sorry Teegan & Hadley, hehe). They didn't seem to mind and we continued up the trail for a view that was far beyond what I had expected. It was stunning! Honestly though, we didn't even really need a nice view for these photos because Teegan & Hadley's joy and affection for each other captivated the scene anyway. These two are bubbly, easy-going, and one of the funniest couples I've had the chance to photograph. They told inside jokes and quoted movies the whole time which was great. 

We left the Reservoir and headed to Jessup Farm Barrel House, Teegan & Hadley's favorite brewery, which to my enjoyment, happens to be one of my favorites also. We casually walked around and snapped a few photos before ending the night with some delicious brews. 

Congrats, Teegan & Hadley. 

Megan Kantor