Anniversary Adventure in Buena Vista, Colorado

I met April over a year ago at a workshop and we clicked immediately. I was inspired by her quiet confidence and her unique video work.

April messaged me a few months ago saying her husband Clint was going to be in Buena Vista for work and she might be tagging along with him and asked if we'd be free to do a photo session with them. In planning it all she asked if there was anywhere I'd been dying to shoot. I told her about one of my favorite spots that's basically in our backyard – this area with giant granite boulders, piñon pines, tiny cactus, and views of the Collegiate Peaks. The area kind of has a Joshua Tree National Park vibe, but with juniper trees instead of joshua trees. Its kind of a well-kept secret in the area. 

Nate and I often go out to this area to sip wine around a campfire or to camp with friends or to climb. The granite walls & cactus growing at 8000 ft are sort of an anomaly for Colorado. I was excited that April & Clint were down to deviate away from the typical mountain views & tall, green pines that most people want in the background when they come to Colorado.

We planned to do a campfire, but since the wildfires have been so bad this year, the whole area is under fire restrictions. We got creative and opted to use a vintage camping lantern we had stored away. 

April & Clint – two highly creative & driven individuals whose jobs often take them away from home for extended periods of time. They are adventurous and intentional and their time together is deeply cherished. Capturing their love was inspiring to say the least.


April & are both incredibly talented artists and it'd be a shame not to share their work. You can find April's videography here and Clint's music here.


Cedar & Pines is a traveling wedding photographer duo made up of Nate and Megan Kantor, a married couple based in the mountains of Colorado. They believe in honest wedding photography, capturing the small candid moments to the epic landscape views. They travel to photograph intimate weddings and adventure elopements from the mountains of Colorado to destination weddings in California, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, Wyoming, Washington, Patagonia and the ends of the earth.

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