Frozen Lake Adventure Session // Breckenridge Wedding Photographer // Megan & Sean

Megan & Sean. Two climbers who were totally unphased by us asking if they would be comfortable shooting on a frozen lake. 

We met Megan & Sean for coffee in Breckenridge, Colorado and then drove out to one of my favorite spots outside of town to shoot engagement photos with them. They were totally down for what the December weather called for--frozen lakes, snowball fights, and the coldest wind I've ever felt in my life. I love love love adventurous souls like these two. When you find someone willing to hike long miles, or figure out difficult boulder problems with you, or lay down on a frozen lake in 20 degree weather, I think that's when you know you've found the one. At least that's how it was for Nate and me, and definitely for Megan & Sean too. Its easy to fall in love with someone when you realize they like suffering through "type 2" fun just as much as you do. 

Megan & Sean have traveled all over together, including a trip to Iceland where they purchased a blanket made from local Icelandic sheep's wool. They brought the blanket with them to the session and it complimented the location perfectly. The icey blue/grey patterning in the blanket complimented the ice on the lake and the lines of the stripes seemed to replicate the random cracked lines stretching below us through the ice. 

I never really mind shooting in cold temperatures, because it seems to make people hold each other even tighter. Megan and Sean naturally kept wrapping each other up to keep warm and it was the sweetest thing to capture. We can't wait to shoot this wedding next winter. 

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Cedar & Pines is an adventure wedding photography duo made up of Nate and Megan Kantor, a married couple based in the mountains of Colorado. They believe in honest wedding photography, capturing the small candid moments to the epic landscape views. They love photographing intimate weddings and adventure elopements from the mountains of Colorado to destination weddings in California, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, Wyoming, Washington and the ends of the earth.

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