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PATAGONIA — perhaps the wildest landscape on earth, and one of the most inspiring places we have ever been. Weddings and elopements here are among the most adventurous we’ve ever photographed. We’ve explored this area extensively and helped couples plan their weddings and couples sessions in El Chalten, Argentina and Torres Del Paine, Chile and the surrounding areas. The region is one of our favorite places in the world and we would be happy to share our secret spots there with you.



Where is Patagonia?

On the southern tip of the continent of South America lies the region of Patagonia. It spans two countries—Chile and Argentina—and includes the pampas regions, the fjords, the southern Andes mountains, and the coasts of the Atlantic & Pacific. Because the region is South of the equator, the seasons are flipped, which means summertime is December-March.


Planning a wedding in Patagonia

Windy cliffsides overlooking epic glaciers, turquoise blue alpine lakes, the most toothy and prominent mountain peaks you’ve ever seen. In terms of places to get married, it’s probably one of the most wildly beautiful landscapes you could imagine. Most places here require a bit of hiking to get to, and some decent gear to shield from the ever-changing weather and wind in the region. There are options to overnight backpack to some epic places, or stay in amazing hotels overlooking the fjords. You don’t have to be crazy rugged to experience the place, but a bit of patience for the long flights to get there goes a long way.

Where to Elope in Patagonia

We’ve explored here extensively and have tons of knowledge of the regions within Patagonia. From Punta Arenas and Puerto Natales in Chile to El Chalten in Argentina, we’ve explored over a hundred miles of trails, hundreds more by car, and spent over two months living here. There are also regions we haven’t explored yet that we’d be stoked to visit with you. Ushuaia in the “Tierra del Fuego” and Bariloche in the Lakes District are other places on our list!


Where to stay in Patagonia

Part of the reason we love Patagonia and continue to return is that the options for lodging are so unique and many are completely eco-friendly. Patagonia contains some world class hotels that have received awards and are featured in travel magazines—places like Remota, the Singular, and Tierra Patagonia.

For an all inclusive experience that’s right inside Torres Del Paine National Park, EcoCamp (pictured above) is a great option. We stayed here during our last visit and ate the most incredible locally-sourced food and enjoyed yoga in the studio. You can walk from your door to the trailhead of one of the most amazing hikes in the park. It isn’t just a hotel, but a fully immersive Patagonian experience. It’s also a perfect spot for a small wedding reception if you have guests coming along.

And if you’re on a budget or just want to be fully immersed in the outdoors during your trip, there are some incredible places to camp. Patagonia is very traveler friendly, so there are lots of hostels, Airbnbs, and small boutique hotels as well!

Patagonia Wedding PackageS

Patagonia is wild. It is windy, cloudy, moody, epic, beautiful. That kind of adventure absolutely makes our hearts sing. Because of the flexibility required and the unique challenges of the region, we’ve come up with a custom “package”, if you will, for weddings and elopements in Patagonia.

We give you a date range of three to four days in which we’ll block off for your wedding, and once we get there and can get a good read on the weather, we’ll choose the best weather day within those days to have the ceremony. So if a bad storm comes in, don’t worry, we’re flexible to move the day if needed. Or if the ceremony is perfect but a storm comes in and causes us to run for cover for portraits, we can do them the next day or the day after (and possibly explore more locations as well)!

$8000 USD - One region/country. Includes travel and stay for Nate and me, assistance with planning your stay and personalized recommendations on where to have your wedding, 8 hours of photo coverage, all the hiking, driving, boating, hauling necessary to get to your location.

$10,000 USD - Two regions/countries. So you can explore Torres del Paine and Glaciares National Park or another epic spot (and get photos in each). Includes everything mentioned above plus another couple hours of photos.


Why Patagonia?

This area of the world has completely stolen our hearts. Patagonia embodies everything we love about adventure — the wild wind and jarring landscapes, the tiny towns and unique food, the moody weather and feeling of awe you experience when standing below a towering mountain like Fitz Roy or Cerro Torre or the Torres del Paine.

It makes you feel the weight of the commitment you’re making.

It requires the most of you. All of your strength, all of your presentness, all of the love of adventure rooted deeply in your bones.

It is not for the faint of heart. It’s for those whose stories together are gritty and real, for those whose marriage commitment is more than just joining lives, but committing to a lifelong love of pursuing wildness and making epic stories — together.

Below — a collection of stories and couples we’ve captured in the wilds of Patagonia.

Patagonia Weddings & Couples Sessions

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