Matt + Brianna // Romantic Colorado Ranch Wedding

Matt & Brianna are two very sweet individuals & everything about their wedding reflected that. Matt is quiet & thoughtful, Brianna is kind & selfless and together, they make quite an amazing team. Their romantic celebration at Flying Horse Ranch in Larkspur, CO had most of everyone in attendance in tears.

This was one of the most detailed weddings we've shot before. These two put so much time & effort into each small thing in order to make it truly represent them. They had handmade signs everywhere, DIY boxes & decor, and a beautiful color scheme that was consistent throughout. Weddings should represent who you are as a couple, and this one totally did that. 

We finally got to pull Matt & Brianna out for some photos right as the sun went down. We shot during "blue hour" (the time after the sun goes down but before it gets completely dark), & the soft, even light it cast made for some beautiful photos.

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Jeremy + Charleigh // Bohemian Aspen Mountain Wedding

Jeremy & Charleigh are two of the most down to earth, genuine people we've ever been around. We hadn't met Charleigh and Jeremy before we took their engagement photos, but immediately afterward we felt like we'd known them a long time. I'm not trying to be mushy here when I say these two have the warmest hearts, and it makes me incredibly happy that they found each other. They totally deserve to be together.

I get emotional at most weddings (I guess I love weddings or something?) but I was having a particularly difficult time holding back tears during Charleigh & Jeremy's ceremony. Their officiant spoke beautifully about the gospel and its implications in marriage, and about the biblical motives husbands and wives are called to maintain. It reminded me of hearing all of those things at my wedding and feeling the weight of it all.

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Thrive Modern

This weekend I attended a photography workshop in Tulsa, OK. Why Tulsa, you might ask? Well, sometimes the photography industry seems a little out of reach for me. I've always been a bit hesitant at going to photo workshops afraid it wouldn't be helpful/that I'd be way too intimidated to actually feel comfortable (LOL). But when I heard one of my favorite photographers, Melissa Marshall, was hosting a small photo workshop with Abby Roses open to 10 female photographers, that seemed so much less intimidating to me than these huge workshops with hundreds of people in attendance. So I quickly sent in an application and to my surprise, I got in! 

I'd been stoked for weeks leading up to it and I knew it would be fun, but I had no clue it would be this great. Not only was I challenged and inspired in my photography, but I feel like my actual soul was nourished.

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Megan Kantor
Influences & Trying New Things

Since graduating art school and since moving out of my studio about a year ago, I haven't done a lot of my own concept-based work, and the more I make art for other people, the more I deeply desire to make art for myself. My medium in the past has mostly been sculpture, but my medium as of late is a camera and I feel a conviction that I need to start using it with more direct intent. 

I realized over the course of the winter doing shoots in the snow that I actually really dislike shooting in the snow. And the reason is that it acts as a huge reflector, sandwiching light and making people look a little washed out. Normally I fight that and have to add back in a lot of contrast and definition, but I wanted to do a shoot embracing what the snow does to skin tones instead of fighting it. 

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Megan KantorComment
Zach + Deborah. Married.

To tell this story right, we have to tell another one first. 

It all started on a cold winter night at Enchanted Rock State Park during our 6th annual New Years Eve camping trip. It's always a special time, but this year was particularly significant. First of all, it was the night I proposed to Megan, and second, it was the night Zach and Deborah met each other for the very first time. 

Cute, right? Well, not exactly. Unless you find the faint sound of a home-brewed beer hurled in the woods attractive. Let's just say that Zach didn't make a great first impression that night, so likewise, we were a little surprised to see them start dating not too long afterward.

Don't know what exactly Zach did to recover from that infamous night, but I'm so glad he did. Because sober, Zach and Deborah are an incredible pair. 

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