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How to Have an Amazing Wedding Without a Venue

Most of the weddings that we're part of don't happen at traditional venues. Typically we're photographing couples getting married in National Parks, on public land, at vacation rentals, and in their friend's backyard. You don't have to have a wedding at a multi-thousand dollar venue to have an inspiring wedding day, and in fact, I think the more stunning places tend to be the ones that are free of buildings and rules and a wait staff. 

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Snowy Colorado Engagements // Aspen Wedding Photographer

We drove over Independence Pass on last day it was open before closing for the winter. We woke up before the sun in order to give ourselves plenty of time to make it to Aspen before the incoming snowstorm might prevent us from getting over the windy mountain road. Kaitlin & Eason were in town for the weekend and wanted some photos to announce their engagement to their friends and family, so we met them in one of our favorite places to explore and take photos.

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Jeremy + Charleigh // Bohemian Aspen Mountain Wedding

Jeremy & Charleigh are two of the most down to earth, genuine people we've ever been around. We hadn't met Charleigh and Jeremy before we took their engagement photos, but immediately afterward we felt like we'd known them a long time. I'm not trying to be mushy here when I say these two have the warmest hearts, and it makes me incredibly happy that they found each other. They totally deserve to be together.

I get emotional at most weddings (I guess I love weddings or something?) but I was having a particularly difficult time holding back tears during Charleigh & Jeremy's ceremony. Their officiant spoke beautifully about the gospel and its implications in marriage, and about the biblical motives husbands and wives are called to maintain. It reminded me of hearing all of those things at my wedding and feeling the weight of it all.

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